Public Health warns about travel to Zika-affected areas

Area health officials are sending out a warning about the Zika virus with many traveling to warmer weather to get away from the cold this time of year.

Public Health Madison and Dane County
says Zika is still a very present threat. In the last year, 14 people have been diagnosed with Zika in Dane County and around 50 people have been diagnosed across Wisconsin, according to Public Health.

"We don't have the mosquitoes here in Wisconsin that transmit it. So it is travel related traveling to an area where they have mosquitoes but also then sexual transmission, it can be from a man or a woman. For women they're capable of transmitting it sexually for about 8 weeks after they've returned from their trip of their last exposure and for men it's about six months," said Communicable Disease Epidemiologist Amanda Kita-Yarbro.

To view a CDC map of affected areas, click here.