Questions linger after BB gun discovered at Janesville elementary school

(Source: Janesville School District)
(Source: Janesville School District)(NBC15)
Published: Nov. 8, 2019 at 1:09 PM CST
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The Janesville School District confirms that an incident involving a BB gun took place at an elementary school recently, but major questions regarding what exactly happened are still unanswered.

NBC15 News recently received a tip about an incident involving a gun at Wilson Elementary School in Janesville. The alleged incident took place on or around October 10.

We began looking into the tip by reaching out to the School District of Janesville. Public Information Officer Patrick Gasper told NBC15 News via email that “school leaders at Wilson Elementary School were aware of the matter involving students and an air-soft type (bb) gun brought to their campus.” Gasper referred to the BB gun as a “look-alike weapon.”

NBC15 attempted to get more information on the incident from the school district, including why the student had it in the first place, if it was brought in accidentally or on purpose, and how the weapon was discovered. Also, we asked if parents or law enforcement were notified and if the student(s) involved were disciplined. Our questions went unanswered.

The School District of Janesville told us they handled the incident “according to Board Policy 5236," which can be


That policy states that students aren’t allowed to have a gun or any other dangerous weapon on school grounds.

According to the policy, if a weapon is found, it will be taken away from a student and the incident will be reported to the student’s parents or guardians.

According to policy, the principal has the choice whether or not to discipline the student. Gasper went on to say “as this is a matter of student discipline, we are not allowed to discuss the matter further.”

It’s also up to the principal whether or not to contact the police, however the policy requires a referral be made to criminal justice or the juvenile delinquency system. Gaspar would not confirm if such a referral was made or to whom, only saying that the district followed its policy.

NBC15 reached out to the Janesville Police Department to see if they were contacted about the alleged incident. We are waiting for their response.

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