Concerns about Asian stereotypes in play coming to Madison

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Overture Center of the Arts has received notice about concerns involving a play coming to Madison,"Miss Saigon." Certain members of the community say it promotes Asian stereotypes.

The Overture originally canceled a "Miss Saigon" panel discussion scheduled for Wednesday but then opened their doors for people who had concerns to voice their opinions to the Overture.. However, the panel did not happen.

In a press release, the Overture's Sr. Vice President for Equity and Innovation, Dr. Ed Holmes explains they have a misunderstanding with people they collaborated with on this dialogue.

"It appears we are all not on the same page as to our goals, objectives and the purpose for tonight's event. This is uncharted territory for us. And although we were notable to proceed this evening, this is an important conversation for us to have," Holmes said.

United Asian Service of Wisconsin's, Koua Vang understands both sides of the debate.

"I think we should embrace opinion. Both sides are entitled to their own," Vang said.

He says certain Asian countries don't allow freedom of expression and that Asians should appreciate that right in America.

The Overture is working to reschedule the official panel event. The play will be running from April 2-7.