Reedsburg Spanish teacher spices up lesson plan with YouTube videos

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REEDSBURG, Wis., (WMTV) -- A Reedsburg Area High School Spanish teacher is spicing up her lesson plan in YouTube videos for her students.

Sarah Breckley has been making fun videos for her students for years. She has more than 100 videos on her channel dating back eight years ago.

But with schools closed and students stuck at home, Breckley is churning out new content hoping her students tune in online to laugh and to learn some Español.

“They don’t think I’m cool still, but they are more likely to watch the videos,” Breckley said with a laugh. “It’s so fun so I’m lucky because it’s kind of like a hobby that I like doing, but it also benefits my students,”

In Breckley’s most recent video entitled “Rooftop Group Fitness for Quarantied, COVID-19” she is seen working out on the rooftop of her home. She speaks Spanish throughout the video, encouraging her neighbors to come join her class. She supplies subtitles at the bottom of the screen so English speakers can follow along. She got the idea for the video after seeing people in Spain workout from their balconies while on lockdown.

“I think teachers all over the country are being super creative and trying to connect with kids online,” she said. “I kind of have word vomit and I say whatever I think is funny. Sometimes that is good and sometimes that’s bad, but it works for these videos,” said Breckley.

Breckley’s perky personality really shines through on the videos. In another recent video she uploaded, Breckley is volunteering at Sound Devices, an audio company in Reedsburg that is now producing face shields to help protect workers in the medical field.

Breckley admits that producing these videos isn’t the same as interacting with her students on a daily basis.

“I think the reason I became a teacher is for the relationships and to know I’m going to make a difference and I have a purpose in life,” she said. “It just seems like now it’s just academic instead of -- I don’t know --- based on relationships with the kids and their feelings and their future and so it’s been hard,”

Breckley is eager to get back in the classroom but knows that health and safety comes first. She just hopes in the mean time, more people will watch her videos, not just her students.

"It’s a great way to show how important Spanish is in our world and maybe if people go 'that’s a funny video' they will watch more and they will be like 'yay Spanish!' and we will be a more multilingual society."