Reedsburg student gets special "promposal"

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REEDSBURG, Wis. (WMTV)--- One Reedsburg student will get to live out her dream of going to prom.

Freshman Sadie Peters won't let Down Syndrome get in the way of having a magical high school experience. She has dreamed of going to prom ever since she watched her older sister enjoy the teenage milestone.

Sadie's cousin Mason McSweeney is a Reedsburg High School Junior and an athlete. He asked Sadie to go to prom with him in a very special way.

"I decided I’m going to ask her to prom, so I was like, you know, writing it on a cake would be a good idea." McSweeney said.

McSweeney's mother Michelle said Mason has always had Sadie's back.

"She deserves it because of how loving she is to other people." Mason said.

"I actually saw it on Facebook the night that they had posted that he had asked her to prom," Sadie's Special Education Teacher Michelle Thier said. "Sadie is always happy. She is such a hard worker. She’s so sweet. She comes in with a smile every day."

With prom less than three weeks away, Mason and Sadie have a lot of planning to do, but Mason says only one thing is really important.

"Seeing her smile and happy. That’s what it’s about." McSweeney said.