Removing distractions for students learning at home

Published: Apr. 11, 2020 at 5:31 AM CDT
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Many students are used to studying at the library or in specially curated study spaces at school. Suddenly, they're trying to study and attend virtual lectures at home, which can create some unexpected issues.

For some students, it may make sense to set up a special study space for online college coursework and homework in a new setting at home. You'll want to make sure to create the environment away from distractions.

Studying in bed can sometimes be too comfortable where you become drowsy or fall asleep. It can also be awkward for using laptops and can lead to headaches and poor posture.

Wherever you decide to create a study space consider room temperature and lighting. Create a distraction free zone where the noise of the house can be closed off for times when quiet study can take place. Keep the space tidy as extra clutter can add to stress levels.

Make a daily schedule to emulate a sense of routine like you have at school. Have dedicated times you devote to coursework and stay in contact with professors for guidance.

Remind your student they need to continue to eat well, get plenty of rest, find ways to manage stress and schedule yourself for down time.