Renovations underway for Boys & Girls Club location in Sun Prairie

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV) -- Renovations to the Boys & Girls Club location in Sun Prairie are underway as the club prepares to open in January.

The club is on Windsor Street in a building that was formerly a church. Michael Johnson, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County, said this will be the county's biggest club location.

"We're really excited about this opportunity," Johnson said. "We're looking to put in a brand new elevator, a brand new gym, a kitchen. And we're hoping that thousands of young people in Sun Prairie will be able to take advantage of this."

The main level of the building will include a wellness room, a stage, a technology room, an art room, classrooms, and a mindfulness room. Johnson said there will be walls and spaces for encouraging messages from the community for the kids.

Johnson said they are currently trying to raise about two million dollars to make the vision a reality. Helping the cause are C. H. Bird Elementary schoolers. Fourth and fifth graders in the Crafting for a Cause club created their own crafts and sold them to raise $537.33 for the club.

Upon hearing about the money raised, Tara Wolf, CEO of Systems Furniture Installations, matched the donation. Wolf said she wanted to support the students, as her daughters attend the elementary school.

"It's just really important to tell our daughters, or show our daughters, that it's important to give back," she said. "And any time we can, whether it's five dollars or 500, or even more, whatever we can do is important."

On the lower floor of the building will be a kitchen cafe area to serve the kids, as well as a full day care.

"We'll be able to serve close to 100 kids in early childhood education, that's exactly what we should be doing," Johnson said.

Johnson also said that due to a small grant from Google, the club will be able to work with Google professionals to take advantage of their technology room.