Rep. Mark Pocan discusses Madison unrest, COVID-19 response

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 7:37 PM CDT
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Representative Mark Pocan, a democrat serving Wisconsin’s 2nd district, discussed the Madison unrest in the capital city.

“I think what’s happening in Madison is happening around the country,” said Pocan. “We have not dealt with systematic racism in this country and we haven't dealt with the issues around police violence in this country.”

When asked about Trump’s response to deploying the military to respond to protests, Pocan shared he thinks the president is wrong.

“Even the military doesn't want the military used in this situation, so the president is just dead wrong,” said Pocan. “I think he's doing it because he's thinking more about politics than the actual situation on the ground.”

Pocan says the Congressional Black Caucus is putting together a package of bills which includes legislation around criminal justice reform, around policing and around race.

Locally, Pocan says it’s a complicated issue when it comes to law enforcement enforcing curfew and stopping the violence.

“We've got the vast, vast majority of people are peaceful protestors who've had it with the non-response to police violence to racial inequality,” said Pocan. “We have to be smart in how we deal with this and realize that there are some true provocateurs out there who really want to take advantage of the situation and those are folks I do think we should be cracking down on.”

When asked about the coronavirus pandemic, Pocan said he is frustrated that the Senate won’t negotiate when it comes to providing more relief to unemployed, small businesses, and frontline workers.

“Our local and state governments, they're delivering most of the services around COVID-19 right now are doing these, but don't have the funding, and they're starting to lay off people,” said Pocan. “So there's an urgency and we really need the Senate to come back to the table.”