Rep. Vos, Mayor Rhodes-Conway "outraged" - but for different reasons

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 12:30 PM CDT
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Both Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos used that word to describe how people should feel about the events that led up to violence that gripped Wisconsin’s capital Saturday night – however their ire was aimed in two different directions.

On Sunday morning, as daybreak shone a light on the damage caused overnight, state Rep. Robin Vos retweeted a picture of a burning Madison police cruiser. In the Saturday night tweet, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalist Patrick Marley reported Acting Chief Vic Wahl said police were not arresting people that night.

“This is inexcusable,” the Rochester Republican wrote. “Citizens in Madison and Dane County should be outraged that elected officials are allowing these acts to happen without penalty.”

The Madison Police Department stated overnight that three arrests were made as officers worked to quell the vandalism and looting. In all, it said 75 businesses on State Street were vandalized or looted.

When asked about Vos’ missive during a Sunday morning news conference, Rhodes-Conway strongly rejected his assertion, saying instead the true outrage “is when black people die without consequence.”

“That’s what we should be outraged about,” she declared.

Rhodes-Conway asserted the property is replaceable, but a human life is not. For her, the message re-iterated the point she made at the beginning of the news conference, in which she said, “if you are angry about property damage, be more angry about the unjustified deaths of black people. Property can be repaired, but we can’t bring people back to life.”

She also expressed her appreciation to everyone who tried to stop what happened Saturday night and everyone who came out Sunday morning to help with the re-building effort, she especially singled out Hardin Design CEO Scott Resnick, the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, and its CEO Michael Johnson for organizing the campaign that brought hundreds of people to downtown Madison, ready to help.

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