Resolution honors Barr family, first responders

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- It’s been nearly one year since the devastating gas explosion in Sun Prairie which took the life of Sun Prairie firefighter Cory Barr.

Legislators took the time to recognize Barr at the Capitol on Thursday afternoon.

"But in that loss he saved many many lives," said Representative Gary Hebl, who represents Sun Prairie and authored the joint resolution.

Hebl says its an important gesture to recognize bravery like this.

"it's something we as a legislature feel is very important about recognizing those who go beyond the call of duty to save people's lives," Hebl said.

At the start of the Joint Assembly Session, lawmakers stood and gave a standing ovation.

Cory Barr’s wife, Abby, was there along with his father.

"I think that he should be honored," said Barr. "I think it helps to keep what happened alive."

The Assembly unanimously voted to pass the resolution recognizing all the first responders that day.

“The explosion was just monumental. It really took out a huge part of downtown Sun Prairie. Fortunately for the citizens of Sun Prairie, we have someone like Cory who was willing to put their life on the line and protect the citizens of our city,” said Hebl.

Abby Barr and the Sun Prairie Fire Department also received an American flag that has flown over the Capitol building.

Barr thinks her husband would be deeply moved by the recognition.

"He was kind of a humble guy," she remembered. "He also believed in honoring the fallen so while it sometimes seems like a lot, I feel like the honor is perfectly suited."