Rev. Nolan trial Day 3: At least ten witnesses take the stand

JEFFERSON, Wis. (WMTV) - At least ten witnesses took the stand to testify in the Wisconsin vs. William Nolan trial as it comes closer to closing arguments and the final verdict.

This trial comes after Nolan was charged with molesting an altar boy at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Fort Atkinson.

Yesterday the victim testified saying one of the sexual encounters allegedly took place with Father William Nolan under a blanket on a bus on their way back from a church ski trip in 2009.

Tyler Zaspul, a friend of the victim, described the moment the victim accidentally told him about the alleged assaults when he visited the victim in California.

“It came up in context in a conversation we were having at dinner. It looked like he was shocked to tell me,” he said. “He mentioned it saying it was on a St. Joe’s trip.”

NBC15 has chosen not to identify the victim to protect his privacy.

Another witness took the stand – St. Joseph’s Catholic Church employee and longtime friend of Nolan. Mary Lois Fritz, who testified saying she has never seen Father William Nolan alone with kids. The church employee was put on the stand and explained what she saw on the bus.

Jonas Bednarek, the defense attorney, said: “The trip to Tyrol Basin that we’re talking about and you did provide fairly descriptive details like where people were located on that bus and what not. Do you remember at any point Father Nolan having a blanket that was covering him or anyone else?

Fritz: “No.”

Bednarek: “Do you remember there being a blanket on the bus at all?”

Fritz: “I do not.”

Tomorrow the jury will hear from two more witnesses in the morning followed by closing arguments. The jury will then deliberate and have the final verdict decided by Thursday night or Friday morning.