Bucky on Parade: 'Ringo' statue honors hockey player

MADISON,Wis. (WMTV)-- From murals, to camo, to gold; each Bucky statue represents some special tribute or theme. One Bucky auctioned off at Saturday night's Bucky on Parade finale party was a tribute to a UW Hockey legend.

"His name is Ringo," said artist Kari Fisher. "He was made with about six thousand mosaic tiles."

Ringo took about 60 hours for Fisher to complete. He is named former co-captain of the UW hockey team, Rob Andringa. Andringa is known as 'Ringo' by family and friends. He was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer last year.

Ringo had no idea about his Bucky statue until Fisher and his family had him unveil it.

"I told him,'Well, I want you to uncover it,' and he had no idea why," said Fisher. "Then he did it, and his response was, 'oh wow!'"

Ringo's wife, Christi, was also in on the surprise. She has been right by his side during his cancer fight.

"It's an interesting dichotomy, if you will, because we don't want to be here for the reason that we're here," said Christi. "Nobody wants cancer. But if you have cancer, and as our family has cancer, not just Rob, you certainly are so blessed to be in an environment like this where there is so much love, support, and enthusiasm and fun."

Despite the bittersweet way Ringo Bucky came to be, Christi said she and her family feel honored.

"For him to come back and be represented as a Bucky, and a Ringo Bucky, there could be nothing closer to his heart," she said.

Ringo Bucky was sold at Saturday's auction for $36,000.00.