Rock Co. dairy farm starts summer camp to educate kids about agriculture

JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) - For the past two weeks, campers at the Daluge Farm have learned many different things.

“Milk, feed, do calf chores, drive tractors,” rattled off Cooper Davies, a camper at Farm Camp. “I just like to be out in the nature and be out in the country.”

Erin Grawe and Megan Daluge are sisters who grew up on their dairy farm.

“With the way dairy prices are going, we wanted to make sure that we had kind of a safety net,” Megan Daluge said. “We thought what better way than to educate consumers about where their food comes from.”

This summer, the sisters started Farm Camp as a way to share with kids what it’s like to be a Wisconsin dairy farmer.

“I really want them to use their imagination and get the feel of the ultimate farm experience because that’s what we did when we were kids,” Megan Daluge said.

Their father, Pete Daluge, has farmed for over forty years and was excited when his daughters presented the idea to him.

“There isn’t a lot of places in our area where you can visit a farm,” Pete Daluge said. “So that’s kind of why we thought we’d try it.”

In the past decade, Pete Daluge said he’s seen dairy farms dwindle.

“I want to try and keep the farm going for another generation or two if possible,” he said. “This is one way of kind of diversifying to do that.”
In its inaugural summer, the family is calling the camp a success.

“We hope that they at least leave here each day knowing one more thing about dairy cows or dairy products,” said Megan Daluge. “We work hard but we do it because we love it and we’re passionate about it.”

The Daluge Farm wants to host more educational days this fall for kids. They are planning to hold farm tours from April to November starting next year and expand into the field trip space too.