Rock County Sheriff's Office warns of a phone scam

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ROCK COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Rock County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about a phone scam.

Sergeant Kim Litsheim said that, in the past few days, a subject claiming to be Sergeant Egger from the Rock County Sheriff's Office called people and said that there were warrants out for their arrest.

The people called were told to purchase prepaid money cards and asked to give the card numbers and expiration dates over the phone.

The Sheriff's Office doesn't call people to notify them of a warrant or take warrant payments over the phone.

Capt. Jude Maurer said scams where people claim to be law enforcement happen often, however, this was the first time someone pretended to be an active employee. The caller also used the name of a recently retired Rock County Judge.

Three people filed reports. One of those three people was swindled out of nearly two-thousand dollars.

"The victim that actually lost the 18-hundred dollars went to our website and actually verified this was an active employee, along with the fact the number that appeared eventually on her screen was a sheriff's office phone number. That was disheartening, because they did take some steps to protect themselves," Maurer said.

The Sheriff's Office urged people not to engage the caller and to call the non-emergency dispatch number to report the incident at (608) 757-2244.