Rock the Vote and Doritos help students register to vote

MADISON, Wisc. -- College students will do pretty much anything for free food.

Rock The Vote and Doritos took advantage of that today on UW-Madison's campus. Beautiful weather meant plenty of students were milling around outside between classes. Those who passed Union South were invited to register to vote with an offer few students could refuse.

"Do you want some Doritos? They're free!"

Volunteers led students to a special vending machine to retrieve their free snacks. The machine prompted each student with a question - "Have you registered to vote?"

Students who answered "Yes" were given a choice between two flavors of Doritos. Those who said no were in for a surprise - instead of options, the machine dispensed a silver bag full of unflavored chips. These bags were labeled "NO CHOICE," reminding students that they couldn't choose a candidate if they didn't register to vote.

Fortunately, no one was stuck eating "NO CHOICE" chips today - volunteers helped register students to vote and provided baskets of regular Doritos for students to sample.

Rock The Vote and Doritos will continue their college tour at their next stop in Ohio.