Safety tips to avoid having your Christmas tree go up in smoke

A fire department display showing what flames can do to a Christmas tree.
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Picking out a Christmas tree is a fun family activity, but fire departments are warning families to be cautious this holiday season for tree fires.

Fire departments want to remind families to keep the tree hydrated, away from flammable objects and double check decorations.

When putting the tree up in your house, fire departments said to make sure it is not near a heat source.

Once the holiday season is over, fire departments advise people to get rid of the tree the moment you start to notice it is dry and the needles are shedding.

"Christmas trees, especially when dry will basically go from the point of ignition to the point of complete combustion within a matter of seconds. The amount of heat that's given off of a tree especially with the fuel that's associated is significant,” says Fitchburg Fire Chief Joe Pulvermacher.