Sailor surprises his mom in front of Milton elementary school

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MILTON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Myles Jorgensen was away on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln for 10 months. Upon his return, he knew he had to plan something special for his mom, Toni Jorgensen.

Myles Jorgensen surprised his mom, Toni at the school where she works.

"I missed Christmas, birthdays, holidays," Myles said. "My mom loves this sort of stuff and I knew had to make it [his return] special."

Myles told his mom he would be coming home from the Navy in a few days but surprised her at a school assembly where she works. He got the principal of Milton East Elementary School to sneak him into the building, then hid in a mascot outfit. Once more than 300 students were in the gym, he went next to his mom and took off his mascot helmet.

"I feel so special. Everyone knew! I am not as cunning as I thought," Toni said.

Watch the video to see the sweet reunion between the mother and son.