Sauk Co. dealing with spike in opioid overdoses

In the past month, there has been an increase in the number of non-fatal opioid overdose cases in Sauk Co. emergency rooms.(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)
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SAUK COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV)-- Sauk County emergency rooms are dealing with an increased number of non-fatal opioid overdose cases, according to county health officials.

Hospitals in Sauk County have treated six non-fatal overdoses since Dec. 8 and an alert was issued by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Jan. 13.

“So many overdoses in a short period of time often indicate that illegal drugs being sold in our area are very strong and are more likely to cause an overdose,” says Sara Jesse, Community Health Strategist and Narcan trainer at the Sauk County Health Department.

Heroin cut with fentanyl is currently the most common cause of opioid overdoses in the area, says Jesse. Fentanyl can also lace other drug and cause an overdose.

Jesse says deaths from prescription painkillers was once the leading cause of opioid overdoses in Sauk County, but it has plateaued in recent years.

To prevent overdose deaths, Jesse suggests people to get trained in recognizing and responding to suspected overdoses. She also suggests people to get training on how to use Naloxone, which is an active ingredient in Narcan Nasal Spray. The training schedule can be found online at

“Everyone should carry Narcan,” says Jesse. “You never know when you might come across someone experiencing an opioid overdose. The free Narcan Nasal Spray we provide is easy to use, safe and effective.”

Treatment for opioid addiction is also available. Sauk County residents can call 608-402-4312 to be connected to services.