Shelter location needed in Sauk County

Published: Jan. 26, 2019 at 7:20 PM CST
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Sauk County's Emergency Management Director Jeff Jelinek said the county is searching for a location to help its homeless population stay warm next week.

Jelinek said the county has warming center for the day, but they need a location to help shelter people overnight.

“They are in need, and it’s going to be so cold I mean this is crazy. I mean we haven’t seen...temperatures like this in 20 years. Just want to help them, they are human beings- [We've] just got to help them,” said Jelinek.

Wisconsin is seeing record cold temperatures and next week there's a predicted three day period of subzero temperatures.

Jelinek said Sauk County needs a location that can shelter the homeless Tuesday through Friday. He added, the county has secured cots, pillows, blankets, and volunteers.

"All we need is a location," said Jelinek.

The county is hoping a church or gymnasium will step-up to help.

If you know of a location, Jelinek is asking that you contact him directly at 608- 963-2585.