Second Chance Fund gives animals new hope

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LODI, Wis. Owning a pet is expensive, especially when the pet needs unexpected costly medical attention. At Lodi Veterinary Care they saw the need to help these animals and created the Second Chance Fund.

The fund is solely based on donations from others and the staff from Lodi Veterinary Care volunteer their time to help the animals. And this is how the staff met Bill, a very sick Bernese Mountain puppy, who's owners could not afford the surgery he needed to get better.

That is when veterinarian Beth Poulsen told them about the second chance fund. It is a fund that exists as an alternative option for when the owner or caretaker cannot provide their pet with the treatment that they desperately need and euthanasia is the only option for them, surrendering the pet to the Second Chance program is a life-saving alternative. The goal is to provide these animals a resource that will allow them to receive the veterinary care they need and then be adopted into a forever home.

Bill's owners obliged, since there was a chance Bill would not live much longer if he did not have the surgery. The Second Chance Fund paid for Bill's medical costs. Bill had the surgery and made a full recovery.

"I was in my office one day and I heard a little barking and I was like, "is that Bill?!" I've never heard him bark or do something that was puppy like," Poulsen said.

Through social media posts, the adoption applications for Bill filled up very quickly. Lodi Veterinary Care received 84 applications from potential homes for Bill and are no longer accepting applications. However, Bill is not the only animal the second chance fund has saved.

Swampy, a grey kitten, was found by a pond and brought to Lodi Veterinary Care by a Good Samaritan. Swampy had a broken leg and the break was bad enough he needed to have his leg amputated. But, according to Lodi Veterinary Care manager Shelly Rucinski, "He doesn't even know seem to know that he's missing a leg, it doesn't slow him down at all."

Like Bill, Swampy has made a full recovery and is now looking for his forever home. Second chance is now accepting applications to adopt Swampy.

If you are interested in donating to the Second Chance Fund or in adopting Swampy visit: