Several hundred protesters rally in Sun Prairie: "No longer going to be silenced"

Protesters in Sun Prairie Wednesday afternoon. (Source: WMTV)
Protesters in Sun Prairie Wednesday afternoon. (Source: WMTV)(NBC15)
Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 4:57 PM CDT
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Protesters in Sun Prairie are standing in solidarity and voicing their concerns Wednesday about injustice in the black community.

NBC15 Crews at the protest report that the gathering is peace, like all daytime protests so far in the Madison area.

It appeared that more and more youth leaders are taking important roles in the protests. Sun Prairie Mayor Paul Esser and Sun Prairie police officers were also seen peacefully walking alongside the protesters.

The march started along Main Street and went to the Municipal Building. It appeared that several hundred people attended, chanting "Black Lives Matter" and listening to stories from speakers from the black community.

Protesters say this has to be a group effort to produce change.

"It means we are no longer going to be silenced to all the things that have been done to us. We're going to stand but and this time, without any peace, there isn't going to be any justice," said protester Kiara Page.

Police Chief Steffes said that "When things like what occurred in Minneapolis happen, it's important to us as law enforcement to have conversations to ensure it doesn't happen in our communities."

"Black lives matter so shout-out to everyone that's doing this. It's amazing," the chief said.