Sheriff's Office: Animal abuse allegations at Pinnacle Dairy are 'unfounded'

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GREEN COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- An investigation by the Green County Sheriff's Office has determined that allegations of animal abuse at the Pinnacle Dairy farm are unfounded.

According to a news release, the Sheriff's Office received an email on Feb. 3 containing links to Youtube videos allegedly showing injured, ill and deceased cattle and at least one video showing a worker kicking a cow at Pinnacle Dairy, in Brodhead in County.

The Sheriff's Office found the allegations worthy of investigation, and so specially trained Humane Officers with sheriff's offices from Green, Rock and Lafayette counties made an unannounced visit to Pinnacle Dairy on Thursday to inspect the premises.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the owners of Pinnacle Dairy provided access to all areas of the property.


After a complete inspection of the dairy farm on Feb. 20, deputies determined that any complaints of animal abuse of neglect are unfounded.

"The premise was clean, sanitary and had adequate areas for injured or ill animals and had veterinary care for animals that were in need of treatment," according to a release from the Green County Sheriff's Office.

'Videos out of context'

Deputies concluded that the short videos sent to the Sheriff's Office were recorded on January of 2019. The person who had made the videos was fired from Pinnacle Dairy that same month.

According to the Sheriff's Office, "the videos were determined to be out of context and not an accurate reflection of practices at the farm."

The worker who appeared to be kicking a cow had also been fired in May of 2019 due to "performance issues," according to the Green County Sheriff's Office.