Sidewalk salt shortage before big storm

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DANE COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- Just as bread, and eggs are flying off the shelves before the storm, so are bags of salt. Super stores like Home Depot, Menard's, and local grocery stores found themselves selling out of the ice melting helpers. Even rock salt which is commonly used as a water softener.

Over at Wooman's, they are rationing the salt selling one per costumer.

"It's insane. We haven't seen such a wide spread shortage of salt like this before," Dorn True Value Hardware employee, David Praedel said.

Dorn True Value Hardware got in 13 pallets of ice melting salt over the weekend. They sold out on Sunday and had another four pallets come in on Monday. In total, the small hardware store has sold more than 2,000 bags of salt since Saturday. They have started a list of people to call when the new shipments come in.

"I doubt people will make it here in time even if we call them. It has been flying off the pallets," Praedel explained.