Sleeping man, goat carjacked, driven 130 miles before suspect arrested

Brandon Kirby, 40, is charged with kidnapping and firearms crimes after he allegedly carjacked a sleeping man in Carthage, Missouri, then drove him more than 130 miles to Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Source: KOKI/CNN)

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. (KOKI/CNN) - A carjacking suspect is in jail after he allegedly drove a stolen truck, its owner and a goat more than 130 miles from Missouri to Oklahoma.

State troopers say 40-year-old Brandon Kirby was arrested Wednesday in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, after a slow car chase in a stolen truck. He is charged with kidnapping and being a felony in possession of a firearm, according to the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

The truck’s owner says he was asleep when Kirby allegedly took the vehicle at an adult video store in Carthage, Missouri. There was also a goat in the truck at the time.

Police say the carjacker drove all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, more than 130 miles away, before kicking the victim and goat out of the truck.

The truck owner called 911 then OnStar to report the vehicle stolen. The security company was able to remotely slow down the truck to 15 miles per hour.

Officers pursed the truck at low speeds and used stop sticks to end the chase. Kirby was then taken into custody.

“OK 2020, it only took you 4.5 hours to get weird. Let’s slow down on the carjacking-goatnapping calls for the remainder of the year,” wrote the Sand Springs Police Department on Facebook.

No one was injured during the incident.

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