Snow-covered streets in Madison could take longer to clear, streets superintendent says

Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 12:17 PM CST
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The low temperatures following this snowstorm could make snowy roads linger longer, says Madison Streets Superintendent Charlie Romines.

He said salt becomes less effective once temperature dip below 20 degrees.

Madison plow trucks will be on the streets when the snow begins Friday afternoon to plow and salt the city’s main streets, says Romines.

He said 32 plow trucks will be on the major thoroughfares as snow falls, and two additional trucks will be putting sand on hills, curves, intersections, and other residential streets.

Romines is warning drivers the evening commute could be snowy and slippery.

“Be slow. Be patient. Be alert,” said Romines. “Keep in mind, too, that the plow trucks will be on the roads when it is actively snowing, putting them in the same evening rush hour traffic as everyone else, so please be sure to give them the space they need to do their work safely.”

The Streets Division does not plow all streets in Madison until the storm is at or near its end, and there is three or more inches of snow accumulated on the roads.

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