Snow melt floods Village of Dane apartments

VILLAGE OF DANE, Wis (WMTV) - Dane Co. Emergency Management said warmer temperatures bring the risk of flooding due to snow melt.

The Dane Fire deputy Chief, Zach Koenig, said melting snow with nowhere to go likely caused an apartment complex to flood in the Village of Dane.

“We re getting warmer weather, a lot of snow and ice,” Koenig said.

He said their crews were out combating water seeping into the Prairie View Apartments for more than two hours.

“It looks like the snow on the sidewalk was not completely cleared off, so the water was running toward the building,” he said.

Koenig said they chipped away ice to get water to flow toward the drains and put sandbags around the doors to keep as much water out as possible.

“There’s quite a few of the apartments that have significant flooding; I’d say a couple of inches,” he said.

Koenig said his advice is to get ahead of potential flooding by sandbagging.

NBC15 spoke with employees at the Madison Blain’s Farm and Fleet about supplies that could help people stay ahead of any possible damage.

Rob Olsen, the assistant manager, said sump pumps and wet-dry vacs can help get rid of any water, while air movers and fans can help dry things out. He said generators are good to keep on-hand in case of a power outage.

“In the last week or so, we have been having a lot of people coming in and picking up sump pumps, de-humidifiers as well,” Olsen said.