Snow melting means potholes appearing

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DANE COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Dane County Highway Commission has been doing their best to stay on top of the potholes that are rapidly appearing post-snow storm.

A spokesperson for the county told NBC15 that they had nine crews out filling potholes across Dane County on Thursday. They said the number of crews they had exemplifies the need for the service.

They didn't have a specific number of potholes they have fixed this week but say they are certain that they are far from over. Spring tends to be the pesky potholes favorite time of the year to appear after the snow melts and temperatures warm.

If you see a pothole that looks dangerous, the highway commission says you can call 911. If you have less dangerous ones you want to report, you can call the highway commission.

Madison Streets Division says they have been busy this week with snow removal from Tuesday's snow storm, but they anticipate they will have crews out filling potholes on Friday.