Snow removal: How to report a problem area

MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - The snow storm is over, but it left a lot behind for people to clean-up, including large mounds of snow in streets and parking lots left behind by the plows.

Courtesy: Tara Freund

Bryan Johnson, a spokesperson for the City of Madison Streets Division, said it is important to report trouble spots where there is excess snow in the streets.

“If you see something say something. Even if it’s not the streets division that handles it, it is ok to let us know. We will relay the information that you need to know so we can try and get these issues solved,” he said.

He said on Wednesday the city was still in the process of plowing the extra snow and will start the snow removal process in the next couple of days.

“There are certain intersections and other spots where main roads kind of meet other main roads, and it is hard to see,” he said.

Johnson said the city buckets the snow that has accumulated too much, impairing peoples’ vision. He said since plows are still out and about, people might have to re-shovel their driveways.

“After we circle back around for the plow backs, you might see these driveways and cross walk aprons fill up again,” Johnson said.

Countless people were out and about on Wednesday clearing driveways and sidewalks. Jim Stearns, a landlord in Madison, said he spent the entire day clearing the paths on his properties.

“You take it in stride. It’s part of living in Wisconsin. Shoveling snow is part of the deal,” Stearns said.

Tara Fruend in Sun Prairie sent NBC15 a photo of her children on top of a snow mound while waiting for a bus. She said it was the only safe place for them to stand.

NBC15 reached out to the company that handles the Sun Prairie school buses. The regional safety director for Kobussen buses said it is important for people to report a trouble spot to them or the school district immediately and far enough ahead of time so drivers can come up with a plan on how to safely pick up and drop off students.

Johnson said the easiest way to report a location that needs snow removal in Madison is to fill out an online report
on the city’s website.