Social media's impact on college admissions

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Many are wondering how a viral photo, such as the one in Baraboo, could have an impact on teens' future.

According to President Zach Galin of Galin Education, a college prep association, a study found that about two-thirds of college admissions officers feel it's "fair game" to look up social media profiles. However, only about one-third are doing so because of how busy they are.

While social media can be used to showcase positive work, it can also work the other way.

"Every so often, colleges will go on and look for a kid, and find something inappropriate, and that may change how they decide whether or not they're going to admit the student," Galin said.

Galin also said students should make sure they keep their profiles clean and also make sure their friends are tagging them or linking them to anything inappropriate.