Social media star saws through stereotypes in woodworking

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MIDDLETON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A local business owner is a cut above the rest when it comes to woodworking.

Jamie Bradford is a social media star who is building a better future for female carpenters. She owns “Wisconsin Farmhouse,” a wood shop located just outside Middleton.

“I build everything that's made out of wood, so anything from tables, coffee tables, nightstands, bar tops, if you name it I can build it. Charcuterie boards, cutting boards. Everything you can make out of wood,” Bradford said.

In addition to being a mom, business owner, and woodworker, she’s also a social media sensation.

“One of my friends here in town was like ‘You should go on Instagram.’ I was like 'That’s so confusing,'” Bradford said with a laugh.

But in just a few years, she’s grown her following on Instagram to more than 26,000 followers.

“Shocked. Like the social media thing and the growth that I had, it was shocking,” she said. “The whole Instagram game is all about being authentic, being yourself, answering questions, being positive. And so now it’s grown into something that I love. It’s a huge community and I try to get on there every single day and post pictures and videos and updates.”

Bradford is using her social media stardom to leave stereotypes in the sawdust. She often uses the hashtag #BuildLikeAgirl.

“I think it’s just a really great acknowledgement of you building in a male-dominated industry,” she said.

Social media has given her access to other female carpenters. They share advice, ideas, and encourage each other.

“You feel like you’re the only female woodworker but then you go Instagram and you see the most amazing other female woodworkers and they are spread out across the country and the world. And so to be able to use that hashtag, go on and see that hashtag and see other women in that space also succeeding is really uplifting,” said Bradford.

Follow Jamie on Instagram @Wisconsin_Farmhouse.