Special billboard in Dodgeville honors graduating seniors

The special billboard honoring graduates (Source: Dodgeville School District)
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DODGEVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Dodgeville community is honoring its graduating seniors with a full-size billboard with all the students' faces printed across it. Written under their faces: "Congratulations 2020 Seniors."

The Dodgeville School District shared pictured of the special billboard on Facebook Wednesday, writing that "Dodgers- if you’re out, drive by Culver’s on Hwy 18 and check out both sides the billboard honoring our entire Class of 2020!"

"Just one more way we’re trying to celebrate and recognize all of our Seniors!" the post says.

Many communities in our area are finding innovative ways to honor their graduating seniors, after the pandemic and stay-at-home orders made large in-person graduation ceremonies and celebrations impossible.