Spring flooding concerns in southwest Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The National Weather Service has predicted higher waters in southwest Wisconsin this spring, and the area could see some flooding as the snow starts to melt.

Cropped Photo: Richard Masoner / CC BY-SA 2.0 (MGN)

Sauk County's Emergency Management Director Jeff Jelinek, said the biggest concern is snow melting in northern Wisconsin, which could lead to rising river levels. Jelinek said the county is already preparing.

"Just to make sure that we have sandbags in place, that we have locations that residents, if they need sandbags, can go get them," he said.

Sauk County is still recovering from 2018's historic flooding, which might make the coming spring harder to handle.

"Unfortunately, our groundwater levels are still high, we still have homes that have water coming in the basement," Jelinek said. "As the snow melts and rain comes down, the ground’s already saturated so it’s not going to be able to go into the ground, it’s just going to be more water on top."

The county is telling residents the best thing to do is plan ahead.

"If you know that you experienced water, whether it be flooding or flash flooding, whatever it is, just be prepared. Get sandbags, get the things that you need in place when it happens," Jelinek said.

Jelinek also urged residents to sign up for the county's Nixle alerts, where they will release any flood info. To sign up for Nixle, click here or text your zip code to 888777.

In Madison, the city is asking residents to help prevent flooding by clearing blocked storm drains around their homes. Build up of snow and ice around storm drains is a major cause of residential flooding.