State rep. accuses Lame Duck session of violating open meeting laws

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Wisconsin Representative Jimmy Anderson of Fitchburg says that the all-night Lame Duck session last year violated open meeting laws because he had to leave the floor to receive his home health assistance.

Rep. Anderson is a quadriplegic, and requires help to move from his wheelchair into bed.

“Because I have learned that if I don't demand quality, justice and fairness -- dignity and respect -- then the people who run this building [State Capitol] will not just deny it to me, but they will deny it to every person who has a disability," Anderson said at the press conference Thursday afternoon.

Anderson said he had asked legislative leaders when the vote would occur, but they would not give him a time.

So Anderson left and missed the approval of the legislation and restricting of some of incoming Governor Tony Evers’ power.