Staying entertained while staying safer at home

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Staying active and entertained at home is top of mind for everyone right now but especially parents. Here are some ideas for activities to keep families busy at home.

Photo: Pixabay / (MGN)

Support agencies that need hand made donations, like, which supplies birthday parties in a box to kids who might not otherwise have one. Their demand has increased with more people in need. To create a party in a box you provide party favors, a card, party decorations and even decorate the box itself, or check out their wish list on Amazon.

Try keeping a journal. Getting thoughts out of your head at bedtime can help you sleep, and this locally produced “Memoiry” journal documents your memories and your memoirs and includes prompts to help get you started.

Looking for some new games? Facebook Messenger offers augmented reality games to play with friends and Messenger Kids is great for young kids--it allows them to connect on their own with people like Grandma.

Try Trickster Cards, where you can play cards with friends while you chat via video or audio.

Board-game-arena is a site for playing board games together. There may not be a lot of familiar ones but you’ll find some new favorites

Finally, try watching a movie together even if you’re apart. Netflix Party is a free app where you can synchronize video playback and add group chats while watching your favorite shows. Or, start a watch party on Facebook chat with friends while you watch.