Stick to a budget this Thanksgiving holiday shopping season

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The National Retail Federation estimates more than 165 million people will shop over the 2019 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

The first UNTUCKit location in Wisconsin opened Tuesday at Hilldale Shopping Center.

Black Friday still coming out on top as the biggest shopping day with an estimated 114 million people expected to hit the stores.

UW-Madison Director of the Personal Finance Program Linda Lepe said when it comes to sticking to your budget one of the best tips is, "do your homework."

"Know what you're shopping for before you hit the stores," Lepe said. "That way you're focused and not easily distracted by the Black Friday frenzy."

Other tips Lepe suggested include not calling it a "budget" but a "spending plan."

"Write your spending plan in pieces and over the course of a few days. Calling it a budget and trying to do it all in one sitting can be stressful and overwhelming," Lepe said.

Lepe suggested using cash instead of a card so you limit how much you can spend. "Another way to look at it is, 'I will only spend cash on gifts for myself or gifts for other people,'" Lepe said.

Another tip is to use your phone and technology to your advantage.

"Use your phone to your advantage," Lepe said. "Double check deals and add up the amount your spending on your calculator."