Stick it to Cancer carries on through coronavirus

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- With Coronavirus bringing everyday life to a standstill, some just can't stay away from the ice and for a good cause.

The seventh annual Stick it to Cancer tournament carried on at the Madison Ice Arena with 17 teams competing over three days.

"A lot of us want to be out here, we chose to continue to skate today and of course the precautions are there too. If someone isn't feel good, or has been feeling ill, just don't show up today." tournament participant, Travis Hilliard said about his team's choice to still compete.

Still carrying the tradition of helping the tournament raise money for cancer treatment in the area, some hockey routines had to be broken.

"Despite the superstitions that many hockey players have, I do wash my equipment on a regular basis and I continue to do that." Matthew Duffy shared with a smile on his face for the extra hygiene precautions taken amongst the coronavirus pandemic.

Hilliard added how the post game handshake line had been replaced with fist bumps with hockey gloves on.

The tournament organizers and Madison Ice Arena management took their own steps as well by sanitizing all locker rooms and public areas along with staggering the tournament schedule to limit the amount of people in the facilities at any given time.

All these steps for a cleaner tournament to help add to the $75,000 raised towards cancer treatment over its seven year existence.

Both Hilliard and Duffy shared why they chose to still be out and around people during such a tough time.

"You look at the the big picture of cancer. Cancer comes in many forms it affects many people from young to old and so forth. And it's to recognize the issue of cancer out there and the disease. Any support we can, at any level is important to us." Hilliard shared.

Duffy put it perfectly during a time when both COVID-19 and cancer affect so many lives, "I think it's also such a great metaphor. It's a great metaphor for life. Playing. Thriving. Exercising. With people you care about."