Story of Superbowl ad featuring UW and the dog they saved goes viral

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- The story of the UW saving a very special pup and being shared as an ad during the Superbowl has gone viral, stealing the hearts of many across the country.

Scout, the dog saved by the UW School of Veterinary Medicine and is going to be featured in a Superbowl ad (Source: UW)

As NBC15 News shared with our viewers last week, the dog, named Scout, was treated for aggressive cancer by the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. Now, the cancer has practically disappeared because of the UW’s efforts.

Scout also happens to be the unofficial mascot of WeatherTech, a company that makes anything from floor mats to pet care products.

Scout’s owner, WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil, was so moved by his pup’s progress that he wanted to celebrate him and the UW’s veterinary work in an ad that would run in, of all places, the Superbowl.

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After NBC15 reported about Scout, his UW vets and their spotlight in the Superbowl ad, the story has gone viral. National outlets across the nation have reported his heartwarming story.

Scout’s spot, posted to Youtube last week, has also gained massive traction: Almost a million views, between the UW and Weathertech channels.

Meanwhile, the coverage has brought an extra benefit: much-needed donations to the School of Veterinary Medicine. According to the UW, the school has received thousands of dollars in gifts.

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