Streets flood in Janesville

Published: Jan. 22, 2018 at 9:50 PM CST
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Janesville residents dealt with flooding on some streets throughout the day. On Monday night, Ruger Avenue near Greendale Drive was closed to through traffic because of high water. Operations Superintendent Kamron Nash with Janesville Public Works said Mount Zion Avenue, Ruger Avenue and Palmer Drive were hit the hardest. City crews worked to free up debris and ice in catch basins and storm sewers and also applied calcium chloride as a last resort.

"We've got about three or four feet of frost in the ground right now so when we get some temporary warm temps like this and we get a little bit of rain, the water really has no place to go. it just kinda sits on top of the frozen ground," said Nash.

The following press releases were sent out to Janesville residents on Monday:

Ruger Avenue near Greendale Drive Closure & Detour In Effect

Ruger Avenue near Greendale Drive will be CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC due to high water. The street will remain closed and a detour will be maintained until the water over the surface of the street has receded to a safe, passable level. Local access to driveways on Ruger Avenue between S. Pontiac Drive and N. Wright Road will be maintained. For your safety, please refrain from driving through standing or flowing water.

City of Janesville staff will be working to clear the ice and debris blockage in the storm sewer system that is causing the localized flooding. Questions regarding the closure or the work can be directed to the Operations Division at (608) 755-3110.

Property Owners Encouraged to Clear Storm Sewer Catch Basins

Property Owners in the City of Janesville are reminded that it is important for storm sewer catch basins to be cleared in order to allow for proper storm water drainage. Localized flooding is more likely to occur when storm sewer catch basins are blocked with debris. The City of Janesville has approximately 7,600 storm sewer catch basins across 332 miles of paved streets. While City crews attempt to keep catch basins clear, property owners are encouraged to do their part to prevent localized flooding by clearing debris from catch basins in front of their properties or in their neighborhoods. Please contact the City Services Center with any questions at (608) 755-3110.