Sun Prairie Area School District considers reducing health education

Published: Nov. 13, 2017 at 9:53 PM CST
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It was a packed house at Monday's Sun Prairie Area School District Board meeting, filled with teachers unhappy about the possibility of changes to health education.

District administration says math and English scores need to go up, especially math. They're suggesting reducing health classes for lower level elementary students and teaching the content in other classes and then adding more minutes to the areas that need to improve. School Board President Tom Weber says the district already exceeds state requirements in health and that's why cuts would come from that area.

"There's no one here that thinks that health is unimportant. It's definitely a very important part of having a well-rounded and successful student. Our day is limited to a certain number of minutes and really English language arts and math are the foundation of everything else that we do."

Kent Wedemeyer with the Sun Prairie Education Association says teachers feel like they weren't consulted about possible changes and have lost their voice in the district.

"It's not about the health teachers jobs for us. It's about doing what's best for kids. We think education is, especially at this point with all the mental health issues, is important for kids and to be taught by people that are trained in that specially."

Ultimately, district administration will make a final decision on the proposal.