Sun Prairie property owners survey property damage

Published: Jul. 12, 2018 at 11:59 PM CDT
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Some business and building owners were able to get closer to their Sun Prairie properties to survey damage. The Freidel family owns three buildings on Main Street.

"It feels eerie being here finally," Rose Freidel explained.

Rose and Mark Freidel own the buildings were The Wire Basket, Hen and Rooster, and The Nest, and J J Stiches & Co are.

"We're just waiting and wondering if we are going to get in and hoping everybody else is going to be okay," Freidel said.

Their properties are currently boarded up, but the Freidel's first priority is to make sure the buildings are structurally sound.

Freidel explained their family has called Main Street home for generations.

"He used to play in the alley and he has a lot of history here," Freidel said.

Building and business owners will attend a meeting Friday morning to discuss the future of Sun Prairie's downtown area.