Sunday Funday for Madison Police Department K9 Unit and Capital K9s

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Sunday Funday took on a new meaning for the Madison Police Department and Capital K9s as they raised money for MPD's K9 unit.

Capital K9s is the nonprofit group that funds the police department's K9 unit. The group was present alongside K9s and their handlers at Wisconsin Brewing Company.

According to Eric Disch, a police K9 handler with the City of Madison, each dog can costs thousands and thousands of dollars.

"The initial training that is involved up front, involves roughly $15,000 or so for the dog in the initial training," he said. "And then you have your squad car and all the equipment there, and then the continuous training and equipment that the dog needs and goes through."

Disch said that the dogs are trained in a variety of skills and scenarios.

"All of our K9s, our seven patrol K9s, are dual purpose K9s," he said. "They're able to track, locate people, apprehend people, and locate narcotics. It's beneficial to the community because we can combat that narcotic issue in the community, as well as when we have hot calls, we can track people and or apprehend them, as well as find missing people, whether it be missing kids or the elderly."

The next fundraising event for Capital K9s will be in September at the Goodman Pool for the Dog Paddle.