Tackling germs: Milton School District adds new disinfecting technology

MILTON, Wis (WMTV) - The Milton School District is taking extra steps to keep germs at bay by adding a new technology to its cleaning process.

The district has been using Green Klean Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets for about a month. The district’s director of buildings and grounds, Stephen Schantz, said it’s not a replacement for their nightly cleaning routine, but offers a boost when needed.

“Right now we have two hand held sprayers and we have one backpack sprayer,” he said.

Schantz explained the sprayers are electrostatic and charge the disinfectant, which allows it stick to more surfaces.

“It not only hits the surface, but it also wraps around giving better coverage to the areas we treated,” he said.

He said they spray areas of concerns as-needed.

“We work with our district nurse, the building principal and we identify those areas that may have higher rates of sickness,” Schantz said.

Office Pro/Elkhorn Chemical and Packaging, a local Janesville company, supplies the product. Its president, Jamin Arn, said the main ingredient is sodium dichlor. Everything from lockers, desk and workout equipment can be treated with the disinfectant.

“You see the product in swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and even the purification of water,” he said.

District Nurse Erin Kotthaus said she was consulted on the purchase of the product and its use.

“This year, our influenza numbers are in line with the last few years. The difference lies in the face that in previous years, our influenza season began earlier and lasted in March/April. This year, the bulk of our cases have been reported in the last six to eight weeks,” she said.

Arn said demand for the product is very high, and the company has been working with several other districts in the area who have already purchased it or want demos.

“The problem right now is we can’t get our hands on any of the sprayers until mid-March,” he said.

Schantz said if parents have any questions about the product, they can contact the school district for more information.