Team Angie & Cris named winners of Season 10 Project Money

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) Angie and Cris Nelson of Sun Prairie are the big winners of Season 10 Project Money. They were awarded the $10,000 grand prize on Tuesday.

Congratulations to Team Angie and Cris Nelson for being named Season 10's Project Money Winner.

Over the last seven month, NBC15 has followed their journey as they wanted to be more mindful of their spending and to be able to save to build their dream home. During the competition, they were able to increase their savings by $23,723 and reduced their debt by $15,905.

Angie and Cris said there were some difficult times during this journey, but they are excited to continue applying what they learned.

"The education that we received and basically to watch what we're doing more," said Cris. Make sure that we're taking care of ourselves for the rest of our lives. It's doable for anybody too."

The other three teams also received prize money.

Team Jaclyn and Kiara of Madison were recently married and wanted to reduce their spending on the little things so they could start saving for big things - like buying a home.

Team Sara of Janesville is a single mom learning to manage her money on her own. She's doing this while balancing all of her children's activities.

Team Megan and Scott of Waukesha are young professionals and first time homeowners. They were looking to save money for their upcoming wedding.

The competition is hosted by Summit Credit Union. NBC15 is a proud partner.

Join NBC15 News at 5 on Wednesday, as Team Angie and Cris will share what their journey was like - including talking about the biggest challenges.

Summit Credit Union is currently accepting applications for Season 11. Click here to apply today. Applications are due by March 9.