Team Rubicon assists in western Dane County flooding

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 7:35 PM CDT
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The cleanup for countless people in Western Dane County is still underway following last week’s historic flooding.

a national non-profit disaster relief team, sent out a team of 20 volunteers Monday to help things get back to normal.

The deputy incident commander, Michael Brady, said ‘Operation Muck’Em Bucky’ will help out with flood damages in Cross Plaines, Mazomanie and more.

“We are doing damage assessment where we are going out with our specialized teams and seeing if there is damage from the flood within our scope, and if it is then we will send strike teams afterwards to come out and remove any material that was damaged during the flood,” Brady said.

Nationwide, Team Rubicon has 80,000 volunteers — most of them veterans. There are 2,000 Team Rubicon volunteers in Wisconsin.

Brady said most of the volunteers are retired or take vacation time to come out and help.

One homeowner in Cross Plaines, Ben Johnson, called on Team Rubicon for help. His basement was heavily damaged by the floods and needed help clearing it out.

Johnson said he measured about 14 inches of water in his basement, and has never seen water leak into his house this badly before.

“I heard about Team Rubicon from a friend, and he came around and told me they were in town and would be willing to help.” Johnson said.

Countless others in Johnson’s area shared a similar story, which is why Team Rubicon stepped in to help.

“I know people who pretty much lost their entire house,” Johnson said.

Team Rubicon says they will be here for two weeks, and if there is more flood damage in the days to come, they can get authorized to stay longer.