Toddler drove toy tractor to county fair without permission

KY3 - Gray News
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(Gray News) - A 2-year-old boy in Minnesota had his driving privileges revoked after he drove to the county fair on his battery-powered John Deere tractor without telling his parents.

On Thursday evening, Chisago County sheriff’s department received a call about a missing child. Fortunately, a sheriff’s deputy found him safe and sound a few minutes later at the nearby fair, right next to the rides.

The young man lives about a block and half from the fair grounds, and watched workers assembling the rides over the previous few days.

Sgt. Jason Foster told KARE-11 the toddler drove his tractor down the sidewalk, through a back gate, into the crowd until he arrived at the Tilt-a-Whirl.

A Minnesota state representative saw the boy by himself and figured something wasn’t right, so he flagged down a deputy.

Once reunited back with his family, the tyke’s dad removed the battery from the tractor to prevent anymore joy rides.