Governor-elect Tony Evers: "I’m proud and humbled to stand here"

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FITCHBURG, Wis. (WMTV) -- Governor-elect Tony Evers, joined by Lieutenant Governor-elect Mandela Barnes, visited the Boys & Girls club of Dane County on Wednesday. Evers was also joined by Shelia Stubbs, who was elected to the State Assembly on Tuesday.

"I’m proud and humbled to stand here as the next governor for the state of Wisconsin," said Evers.

Evers spoke about his conversation with Governor Scott Walker, describing it as "a very, very good conversation."

"He said that he conceded the race, and was very gracious and talked about the transition and how his staff will be available for our staff to create the new government," Evers said of his conversation with the governor.

Evers also said he and his team are starting to decide who will fill cabinet positions in his administration. He is also looking at how to find bipartisan solutions with a Republican-controlled legislature.

"I would really like to talk to them about how we can set the stage going forward so that we can find common ground on those important issues," he said. "There’s been lots of discussion around health care, lots of discussion about transportation, making sure that we have great public schools, so I don't think there’s going to be any disagreement in the ultimate goal."

Evers will be the first Democratic governor in Wisconsin since Governor Jim Doyle, who held the position until Jan. 2011.. Mandela Barnes will be the first African-American lieutenant governor in Wisconsin state history.