Psychologist: Christmas music could be bad for your health

Published: Nov. 10, 2017 at 9:01 AM CST
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If all you want this season is a moment of peace and quiet, you aren’t alone. Some psychologists claim the barrage of Christmas tunes can be mentally draining.

The constant carols can become an issue for retail employees, who struggle to tune out or focus when they hear their holiday soundtracks on a loop too early in the season, in what’s known as the “Christmas Creep.”

For those who think the Jingle Bells are ringing a little too early, a psychologist in Great Britain thinks you may be on to something.

Clinical psychologist Linda Blair says listening to Christmas music too early into the holiday season may affect mental health by triggering stress.

“Any sensory overload can take away the joy, and that’s why we have balance and regulation and taking breaks to regulate the nervous system,” said Dr. Cheryl Bemel, an Allina Health psychologist.

Dr. Bemel recommends quick mental breaks to distract the hustle bustle in your mind.

“An anagram is a word, you can look at these word puzzles and unscramble a word, so a word like desserts, is stressed, little games like that can help us refocus and get out of that repetitive noise,” she said.

Dr. Bemel also recommends ear plugs called Vibes that can soften the noise, and tells patient struggling with the season, to recognize their limits.

“What I see is folks want the picturesque Christmas card holiday, and it’s typically not the case. It doesn’t need to be perfect, we really need to readjust our limits,” said Dr. Bemel.