Tornado clean-up efforts set to begin in Marquette County

Packwaukee, Wis (WMTV) -- Tornado clean-up efforts are set to begin in Packwaukee as the town's FEMA award aid package was approved in June to fund clean-up efforts.

"Call of the Wild' campground still has so much storm damage the campground owner said campers turn around when they see it.

"It was a big mess, a very big mess. Too much for one person," Meta Peacock, campground owner said.

Today she tells me it's peaceful, but last year in August it was a different story.

"Well it was a pretty scary day,” she said. “There was no warning that there was any bad weather coming."

A tornado ripped through Marquette County, and the campground owner said the campers were trapped for three days.

Roads were blocked with tree trunks, snapped branches and debris. One year later, the roads are back open, but the debris has yet to be cleaned up.

Meta said although the campground is open, it's painful to see people turning away as they see fallen trees and branches on the campsite.

She's hoping the FEMA funding will not only clear the debris, but will also help restore her business.

"I hope it means roads will be cleaned up so business will pick up. Right now people see that dilemma when they drive in here and they leave," Peacock said.

She said business is down and so are the spirits of people who live there.

Project recovery officials said the clean-up is necessary because the debris brings back painful memories, and the clean-up will allow people to let go of what happened, be at peace and move on

"It brings back anxiety and anger and different feelings and once it's cleaned up people will be able to move forward," Jane Gaffney, Project Recovery Team Leader East said.

The town of Packwaukee said it has the green light to move forward. Town officials said they are working with the county and plan to start the clean-up in mid-September and have it done by November.