Transition begins in Madison Mayor's office

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Madison Mayor-Elect Satya Rhodes-Conway is diving in to the two-week transition period, following her win over incumbent mayor Paul Soglin.

"I'm feeling good, I'm really excited," Rhodes-Conway said on Wednesday.

Rhodes-Conway and Soglin met Wednesday morning to start the transition process.

"The mayor was incredibly gracious. He and I are going to work together to ensure a smooth transition. He invited us in to an already scheduled meeting with a number of department and division heads," Rhodes-Conway said. "We got to meet with some key folks in the city, and I’m really thankful that he is going to work with us to make this an easy process."

Right now, Rhodes-Conway said she is focusing on building her staff and reaching out to local governments.

"We’ll be working with the school board and the superintendent, we’ll be working with the county executive, but perhaps most importantly, starting to build a really strong relationship with the incoming council. And we’ve reached out to the newly elected alders already this morning, and I’m looking forward to meeting with each of them," she said.

Some Madison residents are excited to see a new face in the mayor's office.

"It's just showing that we're more interested in representing all the different people that we have in Wisconsin, in Madison," said Lynne Cotter, a Madison resident.

Cotter said she hopes Rhodes-Conway will focus on issues like public transportation and diversity.

"Continuing to improve our schools and diversity across schools and in general, those are kind of some of the things that I'm really interested in seeing," Cotter said.

Robert Pollan, another Madison resident and a dentist, said he would like to see Rhodes-Conway work with state government on healthcare.

"I think there's a big need for low-income medical care to be provided and accessible for people in the community and around the community," Pollan said.

Rhodes-Conway said she is listening and is looking forward to hearing from the community.

"One of the things that I enjoyed most about the campaign trail was getting to talk to folks, whether that was at the door or at an event or at a forum. And I’m really excited to continue to do that and to continue that outreach to the community and hear what’s on people’s minds," she said.

NBC15 reached out to Mayor Soglin's office, but he was unavailable for comment. Soglin and his team will work with Rhodes-Conway in the next two weeks until Inauguration Day on Tuesday, April 16.