Tree falls on house during severe storms Tuesday

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 5:50 PM CDT
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Sauk County and Columbia County saw significant damage Wednesday after severe storms Tuesday night.

In Portage, storms knocked down several trees, blocking roads and driveways. Fallen trees also landed on cars and houses, damaging roofs and breaking windows.

After midnight over 20,000 customers were without power across Wisconsin, many in Portage and Wisconsin Dells.

In Wisconsin Dells, one woman said after Tuesday night, she feels lucky to be alive.

Danna Gonzalez has lived in Wisconsin Dells for 10 years, and she has seen her fair share of storms.

"We've had days, some storms where it's rained a lot and we've had lots of water damage in the area," Gonzalez explained.

However, Gonzalez said she has never seen anything like Tuesday night's severe weather. She said the wind was so strong, she had to hold onto a ledge on her deck.

"The trees looked like they were almost touching the ground," she remembered.

Gonzalez stepped outside on her deck for just a few minutes to let her dogs out and take a video of the storm, but what she heard next sent her running.

"All you hear is cracking, and I look up and there is a tree coming down at me where I actually had to run out of the way to save my life, otherwise this tree would fall on top of me," Gonzalez described.

She ran all the way around her deck to the other side of the house to be safe.

"It scared me so much and I thought I was, I saw my life in the blink of an eye," Gonzalez said.

The falling tree damaged part of the roof and punched a hole in the ceiling of her loft.

"There was water and things like that coming in so we had to lay tarp out," Gonzalez said.

She said she's thankful her area did not get as much rain as they expected, so there is not a lot of water damage to the house. However, Gonzalez said she will not know the extent of the damage until the insurance company comes by in the next few days.

"We'll see what really happens from then but sleeping in the basement from now, that's for sure," she said, laughing.

Gonzalez said she is staying positive right now.

"Just say, 'Hey there's a tree on top of my house,' and just laugh about it, there's nothing we can really do besides just stare at the tree until it comes down," she explained.

In the next few days, Gonzalez said the insurance company will come by to look at the damage, get the tree taken down and help her figure out her next steps.